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An award-winning tale of adventure loaded with brainy enrichment:

  • Advanced Vocabulary Words: 100 with definitions
  • Extraordinary Original Artwork: 97 full pages
  • Hunt & Find Fun Facts Game: 171 fun facts

For kids age 6-12

A unique, highly-interactive, tongue-twisting adventure, EggMania features a boy and his quest for knowledge. After hearing mispronunciations of the word “exactly” as “eggzactly,” even by educated people, Gregg Kregg sets out to find the “egg.” He searches the world and meets unusual creatures, such as a fox, dolphins, and a choir of feathered angel fairies named The Gaelles, who challenge and guide him.

Ultimately, The Gaelles introduce him to the queen mother of all eggs—The Great Mum Henny, who shocks Gregg with her egg versus X theories and further surprises him with the uncovering of the true-blue wish of his heart. What’s more, The Great Mum helps Gregg learn the importance of speaking correctly while underscoring an empowering life lesson: even if he makes mistakes, he can still be extraordinary.

Praise and Reviews for EggMania

WOW! Magical, compelling, challenging, motivating—what an experience! The story alone is captivating, but to embed it in such a rich context of art and digital exploration is even more enriching. This little book taps into where the net generation lives, is stimulating to our natural sense of inquiry, and reminds us of the joy of our humanity and learning—not to mention the novel manner in which it develops vocabulary. I say all this from the perspective of a parent and grandparent, as well as from my years of teaching and serving as a superintendent of schools, and now as a consultant working with schools across the nation. A hearty applaud to its creators!
— Dr. John Horn