Optimize the Brain

We are excited to offer eBooks that educate and entertain while providing brain food and hero power for kids from 6 to 12 years.

A unique story, EggMania is a versatile teaching tool in the areas of art, language development, creative writing, science, and speech. What’s more, the inherent life lessons – such as rebounding from making mistakes – supply emotionally-rich discussion topics for parents, teachers, school counselors, and psychologists.

Optimize the modes.
Three ways to enjoy EggMania:

  • Narration and Sound Effects – Enjoy the excellent narration and exciting sound effects. Note there is a manual page turn for when you are ready to move forward.
  • Read yourself, with no narration or sound effects. To practice reading this tongue-twisting tale, be sure to turn off exterior sound on iPad. Some kids enjoy playing narrator and recording their own version.
  • Explore the “Art with Fun Facts” – This section features the art with no story text. To access Fun Facts and further educate your children, be sure to have sound on and tap on varying images to hear the narrated, mind-bending facts. To simply enjoy the magnificent artwork, zooming in and out, turn the exterior sound off.

Optimize the interactive-touch features:

  • Tap on story pages for duplication of some images. For example on Page 4, tapping will produce multiple planets in the sky. On page 12, strawberries can be duplicated. Not all pages have duplication features. Discover them all, especially the baby fox!
  • Tap on the underlined words (denote advanced vocabulary), for eggs to pop up that contain short definitions, which are internal definitions, no outside links. The standard i-Book implementation enables definitions provided by Apple that are accessible by extended touch on any word, which also allows the user to “Search Web” or “Search Wikipedia”. If you do not want the reader to be able to access these links, use the “iPad Settings” to turn off internet access.
  • Tap on art images in the section entitled “Explore Art with Fun Facts” to access the 171 narrated Fun Facts and further educate your children. It’s a hunt-and-find game with varying numbers of facts on pages; be sure to hear them all!