Line is used to show direction, movement and energy and emotion. Line in art is used to direct the eye, often times to the main subject of the work. Types of line are: curved, straight, thick, thin, spiral, scribble, expressive, criss-cross, delicate, flowing, interrupted, etc. Using the illustrations of EggMania, have students find examples where line is used to show direction, to show movement, to show emotion, asking them to also name the type of line used to accomplish this particular intention.

Line Mania Class Challenge

Using illustrations from EggMania, find as many types of lines that you can in 2 minutes. Use stop watch or timer.


Texture adds interest, depth, and dimension. Find 3 pages in EggMania that demonstrate the use of texture.

Artful Eggs

Using the Paper Mache eggs painted in previous color activities, add texture with varying materials (fabric, trim, beans, candy, wallpaper, etc.). Have students classify their creation. Is it Faberge-esque? Modern? Impressionistic? Etc.

Paper Weights

Begin with flat-topped rocks of unique shapes. Wash and dry well. Glue egg shell pieces (small to medium sizes) to rock top, creating a mosaic design. Let glue dry, add color if desired, using paint or markers. Finish with a coating of varnish or lacquer.


Find five pages in EggMania that show strong examples of negative space. How is the negative space effective?