Praise and Reviews

WOW! Magical, compelling, challenging, motivating—what an experience! The story alone is captivating, but to embed it in such a rich context of art and digital exploration is even more enriching. This little book taps into where the net generation lives, is stimulating to our natural sense of inquiry, and reminds us of the joy of our humanity and learning—not to mention the novel manner in which it develops vocabulary. I say all this from the perspective of a parent and grandparent, as well as from my years of teaching and serving as a superintendent of schools, and now as a consultant working with schools across the nation. A hearty applaud to its creators!
— Dr. John Horn
5 stars. EggMania has 3 really good things about it: beautiful artwork, an engaging story, and lots of challenge for children. My 8 year-old is reading EggMania for a second time in 3 hours. She’s asking a lot more questions than usual. This means she’s truly engaged without being nudged by anyone. The authors cover a lot of ground: history, food, scientific concepts, mythology, culture, words from foreign languages. All in all, a truly engaging work done with deep empathy for the reader. Wow!
— J. Mirchandani, Father, Technology Executive, Product Guy
“Today’s children are growing up in a world where they are likely to utilize digital devices more than traditional hard back books. EggMania, with its educational focus on vocabulary, interesting facts, and engaging fine art is exactly the kind of ebook we are looking for in our schools. Students will find it fascinating. This ebook makes reading a multi-sensory experience!”
— Dr. Katrina Hasley (Ed.D., Director of Elementary Curriculum—Mid-size School District)
“Holy Moly! Ravioli! The book was wonderful and creative. The illustrations were beyond the moon. The space scenes were among my favorites. I am going to use it with our newcomer students in summer school. I am sure they will love it.”
— Eileen, Secondary ESOL Program Facilitator
“Congratulations on writing an amazing eBook which captures the interest, minds, and hearts of the readers throughout the EggMania journey. Children love to be challenged while being engaged through visual, emotional, and educationally stimulating activities. You certainly mastered these areas and more. This is not a one-time read for children as they will return numerous times to enjoy the story, the intriguing, beautiful illustrations, and the enriched learning activities. One of my five grandchildren said it was “eggstraordinary!” I agree as you have created a digital masterpiece for our generation of little techies.”
— Loretta Kibler, Retired Superintendent of Schools and Former Teacher
“EggMania is a must buy children’s eBook. It teaches vital life lessons imperative for a child’s social and emotional growth. As an educator and counselor I highly recommend this imaginative and educational eBook.”
— Stacey Hopper, MEd, LPC-S